Handmade jewelry from custom to "designer brand" mode

Handmade jewelry, texture is irreplaceable industrial manufacturing. We can find a growing number of individually designed and handcrafted jewelery in art exhibitions, creative industrial parks, and private art studios. Reporter learned from the designers, Guangzhou, Shenzhen is the jewelry processing base in the country and the world, which is undoubtedly an advantage for jewelry designers, handmade jewelry designer brands are more and more reasons.

Individual handmade jewelry brand surfaced one after another

In the past, handmade jewelry is always kept in purdah no knowledge, and now we are in some creative park shops, art exchange exhibition can find them. The reporters found that these jewelry designers tend to be "halfway home" in art schools, beginning with their works on a small circle of friends spread, while designing, while slowly "raising" out of their own customer base to . This road, almost the only way to do handmade jewelry brand in Guangzhou.

Zhang Xiaochuan, an artisan jewelry designer who started his own brand earlier, has studied apparel design, sculpture and integration and so on. After traveling in Europe, he became interested in accessories design. After becoming the first graduate of the DOMUS ACADEMY accessories specialty in Milan, In 2007, he founded "PORPORA 111" design studio and the same name art jewelry brand. Whether it is shutting himself in the house and cramming the traditional crochet craft or firing the ceramic parts one by one in Jingdezhen, Zhang Xiaochuan has always preserved the uniqueness of hand-made preciousness, and has found the control space and variety of various materials Sex, hoping to create a unique "sculpture shape" that ordinary jewelry does not have.

Gu Dingzhi, a professional designer of jewelry design at Guangdong Light Industry Polytechnic, originally specialized in ceramics and decorative arts. Since she came in contact with more creative materials, she began to make silver jewelery. The craft of making jewelry is not within the scope of her college, Guangzhou a few years ago, there is no special college professor, so she went to the jewelry factory in the production, the factory made more K gold jewelry, her Use the basic old style to practice, practice and then add your own design. From 2005 began brewing their own design jewelry, and then help others custom jewelry, then add your own design, observe the market reaction, by the end of 2012 before they officially have their own brand of "Yat."

For jewelry design, Liu Chia-chiah, a graduate from the School of Design, is not a professional anymore. However, she has had a keen interest in the design of jewelery since she was a student at the school. She learned "nourishment" from a variety of sources: attending various jewelery shows, To the jewelry brand to do gold jewelry designer, with the production of Chinese and Western jewelry craft teachers from Taiwan to learn ... ... until the last two years to start their own jewelry design. To her delight, after the first piece of work was designed and produced, it was immediately bought and there was a customer to be customized. Although the personal brand has not yet officially registered, but the brand's network platform has a good structure, semi-formal launch of their own name custom jewelry custom brand.

Last week, art shops opened in the red factory Sifang Hall accounted for half of handmade jewelry designed in the name of individuals. Handmade jewelry in Guangzhou has a more open platform for physical display and consumption.