Grab consumer trends to enhance the value of women's ornaments decorated fashion jewelry came into being

People always feel fashion and trend are rapidly changing can not be mastered, but some props can help the majority of female friends to quickly grasp the trend, even without first-line costumes blessing, but also can wear a range of children. Recently created specifically for the black and white fashion jewelry accessories ---- decorated ornaments, is to increase the value for you, control fashion routines plus points weapon.

Fashion = 50% Clothing + 30% Accessories + 20% Makeup, this formula is widely circulated in the fashion industry. Domestic women usually think that the high threshold of fashion, clothes need to buy big names and the most popular is the fashion. In fact, from a professional point of view to understand the rules is not the case. The key to fashion is the need to have the overall shape. Even ordinary T-shirt, pants, with some suitable accessories and makeup, but also create a trend of the image.

Comparison of domestic and foreign female image we can easily find the two mainly lies in the differences between accessories and makeup. Few outside the country on the streets took the woman, regardless of age will add some clothing outside of their own modification.

The understanding of fashion Domestic women are still staying in the primary stage, and the proportion of women who are conscious of the concept and needs of modeling is not high. This creates the above difference.

And the main focus we are talking about today is not clothing, but that 30% play icing on the cake, finishing touch accessories.

With the changes in people's consumption concept, the overall image of the building and aesthetics was mentioned an unprecedented height, "Yan value" as the most important key word for the public to judge the beauty and ugliness. At present the public for judging the level of the value of Yan and there is no strict uniform standards, but from the all-round aesthetic requirements. Factors affecting the value of the Yen is not just facial features, body, clothing, but also to enhance the temperament or gas field accessories and makeup. Which accessories reflect the details of the main carrier.

The research by professional research institutions found that China's female jewelry ownership rate of about 16%, far below Hong Kong's 48% and 68% of South Korea, and even behind Thailand and Malaysia, and China's female jewelry spending per capita of 5.2 US dollars for the American women 1/6. At the same time, market research shows that the domestic jewelry market is growing rapidly at a 16% annual growth rate. This shows that the purchase and application of accessories will be the main means by which women can enhance their overall image in the future. According to the survey, the current domestic women's jewelry for the main possession of gold and silver jewelry, such as Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea women used to match the usual lack of jewelry. Especially for women to choose the most black and white fashion with jewelry, women have not yet entered the daily rigid demand, but there is no domestic famous black and white fashion brand, the overall market in a dispersed and gritty state.

From a perceptual point of view, urban life drama, which is a concentrated expression of popular life, is an excellent tool for comparing differences between domestic and international accessories. Such as "Desperate Housewives", "Sex and the City", compared to the domestic "Ode to Joy", "Love Apartment" and found that in the clothing and make-up of the building is almost the same, but the use of accessories is far less than foreign high-frequency and Diverse.

It is insight into the current state of the market and the needs of the crowd, from engaged in the accessories industry more than 10 years to transition to jewelry custom black and white fashion brand "decoration" came into being. In the process of cooperation with the international brands, the decoration of the fashion trend can be described as very experienced, produced models and popular black and white clothing styles and elements fit very high, very suitable for everyday wear. Let the jewelry is more suitable with clothing is decorated with the direction of the efforts of decoration. Currently on the market for the existence of jewelry problems are poor quality, easy to fade, the same style, and difficult to match with clothing, etc., for these ills "decoration" through the integration of high-quality raw materials and process plants to ensure product quality; through Integration of internationally renowned jewelry designer resources to ensure that the product design fashionable and easy to take take; products rich and diverse, there are officelady to work wear style, but also shopping leisure, party, holiday style, suitable for all kinds of people The needs of use. And these can better solve the current domestic women to buy fast fashion jewelry embarrassment encountered.

With the development of social economy and the improvement of people's aesthetic level, the pursuit of detail has increasingly become an important factor in measuring fashion and beauty. Jewelry in the details and reflect the aesthetic taste to play an increasingly important role. The birth of the decoration is for the beauty of the United States, the pursuit of fashion to provide women with constantly updated easy to wear accessories, so that small jewelry to decorate their own powerful weapon, but also to women's overall shape in the subtle place Scrutiny, as the crowning touch of beauty.

Since its inception, the decoration has been widely acclaimed by the apparel industry due to its strong sense of design and fashion. Not only was it invited to the "Shanghai Fashion Week" in April 2016, but also attracted many high-end buyers Sought after Customer feedback in the purchase of the current stage, the design of the product and clothing with the degree of customer purchase become the main factor. In particular, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and basic models with black and white clothing, the resulting lifting effect is particularly evident. For example, the first batch of jewelry ornaments introduced the "Sisy's compulsory" series, the bold use of the internationally popular "collar" design elements, combined with exquisite plating process, creating a low-key fashion jewelry quality, by the vast OL crowd's favorite. And this design and quality has also become a reason customers recommend each other. Decorated brand also took this opportunity to introduce the "spokesperson" mechanism, so that customers can share the decorative ornaments of product information at the same time have the opportunity to share profits. Currently, "decorated ornaments" not only available online store, online Taobao, micro-stores and other e-commerce platform can now be purchased simultaneously.