Custom jewelry design process

Each piece of jewelry has been injected into the soul of designers and manufacturers, their birth requires a very complicated process steps. Below we will introduce you to a diamond ring from design to finished the entire process.

Step 1: Concept and Design
The designer sketches his own ideas and sketches the drawings in precise dimensions using drawing software to complete the initial design drawings.

Step 2: Craftsman wax carving
Jewelry artisans refer to the design drawings hand-carved wax version, and then use the lost wax pouring out of the silver version, while the production of wax version of the need to use silver version of the rubber stamping. This is the most demanding process in the production of jewelry, the silver version of the system must be clean and seamless, all parts of a reasonable structure, the size of the location of inlaid precious stones accurate.

Step 3: plastic injection mold wax
After the rubber mold opened a wax injection operation. Wax injection machine wax should be maintained at between 70-75 degrees, the wax solution into the film, remove the wax mold cooling, followed by repeated, to obtain more pieces of wax mold.

Step 4: Selection of stones
According to the silver version and wax model, select the size, shape and color suitable stone.

Step 5: Finish the wax pattern
Get ready for all the wax prints you need for this batch production.

Step 6: wax tree
Separately weld each wax ring to a wax rod by hand, resulting in a wax tree shaped like a tree, ready for casting.

Step 7: Call the wax tree
The wax tree before weighing the rubber chassis, the wax tree species were weighed again, the results of two weighing subtraction can be obtained wax tree weight, the weight of the wax tree according to the proportion of gold or silver density Conversion, come to cast the amount of metal.

Step 8: Gypsum
The kind of wax tree with the chassis together with a stainless steel tube, and the corresponding weight of gypsum slurry slowly injected along the inner wall of the cylinder, no wax tree, after the natural vacuum to prevent 6-12 hours, so gypsum solidification.

Step 9: Baking gypsum
The gypsum mold baking, the role of dewaxing, drying and casting insulation.

Step 10: Remove the gypsum mold
Remove the baked gypsum mold, and at the same time, prepare the metal solution to be cast.

Step 11: Pour liquid gold
Will have been melted with good gold water, injected from the nozzle.

Step 12: Centrifugal casting process
Use vacuum induction centrifugal casting machine casting.

Step 13: Plaster mold fry and wash
Casting gypsum mold in high temperature state, removed from the casting machine naturally placed 10-30 minutes, and then into the cold water for deep-frying. Gypsum burst due to shrinkage, remove the golden tree, with a large brush steel brush gypsum, soaked in 30% hydrofluoric acid for 10 minutes, rinsed out after the clip, remove the remaining gypsum until the gold tree surface clean.

Step 14: Cut the castings
Cut the jewelery on the gold tree along the bottom of the nozzle to dry it.

Step 15: Roller polishing process
With stainless steel abrasive and active organic synthesis solution into the drum, with the rotating friction surface smooth and bright.

Step 16: Calendering process
Calendering all hand-made, with a special trowel back and forth in the jewelry surface to promote this process requires some technology and techniques.

Step 17: Polishing process
Use a polisher to polish the jewelry until the surface is smooth and bright.

Step 18: Select diamonds
The diamond hand sorting, picking out the right color, cutting, size matching, ready for mosaic.

Step 19: Inlaid diamonds
Each diamond is hand-set

Step 20: Quality Control
Will be made of good jewelry, one by one fine test to ensure the quality of qualified.